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Common Problems

Here’s a list of the common problems you might face, and the possible solutions.

I see a blank (white) page instead of the Laravel ‘Welcome’ page!

Run the following command from the Laravel root directory:

sudo chmod -R 777 storage bootstrap/cache

I see “Welcome to nginx” instead of the Laravel App!

Use instead of http://localhost in your browser.

I see an error message containing (address already in use) or (port is already allocated)

Make sure the ports for the services that you are trying to run (22, 80, 443, 3306, etc.) are not being used already by other programs on the host, such as a built in apache/httpd service or other development tools you have installed.

I get NGINX error 404 Not Found on Windows.

  1. Go to docker Settings on your Windows machine.
  2. Click on the Shared Drives tab and check the drive that contains your project files.
  3. Enter your windows username and password.
  4. Go to the reset tab and click restart docker.

The time in my services does not match the current time

  1. Make sure you’ve changed the timezone.
  2. Stop and rebuild the containers (docker-compose up -d --build <services>)

I get MySQL connection refused

This error sometimes happens because your Laravel application isn’t running on the container localhost IP (Which is Steps to fix it:

  • Option A
    1. Check your running Laravel application IP by dumping Request::ip() variable using dd(Request::ip()) anywhere on your application. The result is the IP of your Laravel container.
    2. Change the DB_HOST variable on env with the IP that you received from previous step.
  • Option B
    1. Change the DB_HOST value to the same name as the MySQL docker container. The Laradock docker-compose file currently has this as mysql

I get stuck when building nginx on (fetch

As stated on #749, Already fixed´╝îjust set CHANGE_SOURCE to false.

Custom composer repo packagist url and npm registry url

In China, the origin source of composer and npm is very slow. You can add WORKSPACE_NPM_REGISTRY and WORKSPACE_COMPOSER_REPO_PACKAGIST config in .env to use your custom source.



I got (Module build failed: Error: write EPIPE) while compiling react application

When you run npm build or yarn dev building a react application using webpack with elixir you may receive an Error: write EPIPE while processing .jpg images.

This is caused of an outdated library for processing .jpg files in ubuntu 16.04.

To fix the problem you can follow those steps

1 - Open the .env.

2 - Search for WORKSPACE_INSTALL_LIBPNG or add the key, if missing.

3 - Set the value to true:


4 - Finally rebuild the workspace image

docker-compose build workspace

Apache2 container won’t start on mac m1

To fix the problem you can follow those steps

1 - Open the .env.

2 - Search for APACHE_FOR_MAC_M1 or add the key, if missing.

3 - Set the value to true:


4 - Finally rebuild the workspace image

docker-compose build apache2